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To inspire, is my DREAM

            You are currently viewing #01, the first movement of the only approved Takuya fanlisting and soon-to-be a shrine that started operating on the 22nd of April. This fanlisting is listed under thefanlistings.org's musicians: male category and is listed as Takuya. This fanlisting is also part of Leave a page, list@uverORG and UVERworld.org.

Please do not mistake this fanlisting as the official fanlisting nor the fanlisting for UVERworld as a band. This fanlisting is created by a fan and is purely serving it's purpose in gathering fans from all over the world who loves and respect Takuya as an individual musician. If you are interested in joining other Takuya-related fanlisting, we have the physical and voice fanlistings run by my uverduper good friend, Vanessa

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Takuya Shimizu

            Takuya Shimizu (stage name TAKUYA∞) is the vocalist and programmer of Japanese Rock band, UVERworld signed under the major label Sony Music Japan. Takuya is an important piece in UVERworld as he writes the music and the lyrics for most of their songs and has been dubbed as the driving force behind the band on many occassions.

        If you have just recently turned into an UVERworld fan, you might want to visit UVERworld.org to get a fill of the UVERfandom. If you are an UVERfan yet you do not like Takuya or do not know anything about him, please click here and find out more about this awesome man >3 (I apologize for the lack of content in this fanlisting. School's been killing me, so I hope you won't mind if I direct you to our UVERworld.org's Takuya profile page which is also written by me -___-)

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